Chloe Dykstra and Cameron Cuffe’s Relationship: A Timeline

Is Cameron Cuffe still dating Chloe Dykstra and what happened to Rob Kazinsky did Rob go off to have hair transplants?


On September 16, 2020, news broke that actress Chloe Dykstra and League of Legends TV personality Robert Kazinsky had ended their relationship after almost three years together. The couple had been very open about their relationship on social media, often posting adorable pictures and videos of themselves together.

However, just days after the news of their split, photos surfaced of Dykstra and Superman actor Cameron Cuffe getting cozy in Los Angeles. So, what’s the deal? Are Cuffe and Dykstra dating? And what happened to Kazinsky? Here’s everything we know.

Cuffe and Dykstra Get Cozy in Los Angeles Just Days After Kazinsky Split On September 18, 2020, just two days after news broke that Chloe Dykstra and Robert Kazinsky had ended their relationship, photos surfaced of Dykstra and Superman actor Cameron Cuffe getting cozy in Los Angeles. In the photos, which were obtained by TMZ, Cuffe can be seen wrapping his arms around Dykstra as they walk down the street.

The new photos have led many to wonder if Cuffe and Dykstra are now dating. However, neither Cuffe nor Dykstra has confirmed or denied the rumors. It’s possible that the two are just friends; after all, they did work together on the Syfy series Krypton, which wrapped filming in 2018.

What Happened to Kazinsky?

Since news of his split with Dykstra broke, Robert Kazinsky has kept a low profile on social media. He hasn’t posted any pictures or videos of himself since September 16, leading many to wonder what he’s up to.

Some have speculated that Kazinsky has gone off to get hair transplants; however, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. It’s also possible that he’s just taking some time for himself following his split from Dykstra. Only time will tell.


At this time, it’s unclear if Cameron Cuffe and Chloe Dykstra are dating or if they’re just friends. What is clear is that the two are spending time together in Los Angeles following Dykstra’s split from Robert Kazinsky. As for Kazinsky himself, he has yet to comment publicly on his split from Dykatra or what he plans to do next.

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