Kirishima’s Hair Down: A Close Up Look

In the world of anime, there are few characters as popular as Eijirou Kirishima. He’s the kind of guy that everyone wants to be friends with – he’s loyal, determined, and always ready for a fight. Oh, and did we mention he’s got killer good looks? Seriously, just check out that jawline! It’s no wonder that Kirishima is one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia.

But there’s one aspect of Kirishima’s appearance that fans can’t seem to agree on: his hair. See, in the anime, Kirishima is almost always seen with his spiky red hair spiked up into an edgy style. But there are moments when we see his hair down, and it looks strikingly different. So which hairstyle do you think looks best on our favorite crimson hero? Let’s take a closer look at both styles to find out!

 Style 1: The Spikes
Kirishima’s go-to hairstyle is definitely the spikes. And it’s easy to see why – they match his personality perfectly. His spikes are sharp and edgy, just like he is, and they always manage to look perfect, even after a long battle. Plus, they really make his red hair stand out – which is important for a guy like Kirishima who likes to be noticed. We have to say, this is definitely our favorite style on him!

Style 2: The Down ‘Do
While we love Kirishima’s spikes, we have to admit that his hair looks pretty darn good when it’s down, too. When he lets his hair down, it falls into soft waves that framing his face perfectly. It makes him look calm and collected – two adjectives that don’t usually come to mind when thinking about Kirishima. So if you’re looking for a more softened look from our favorite hero, this is the style for you!

No matter which style you prefer, there’s no denying that Kirishima looks good with both his hair up and his hair down. Personally, we can’t decide which we like better! What about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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